Team Building

The Change Agency Specialises in Team Building Services for Organisations and Corporations

That which the team achieves must be better than even the best individual within it.

The whole purpose behind a team building program is to create real synergy – synchronized energy – where the overall achievement of the team is greater than the sum of the parts.

Team building days should incorporate fun, but also need to address the serious business of changing a group of individuals into something much more…  A real team that is able to better engage in planning, decision making, problem solving, consulting, and resolving conflict.  

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The Change Agency’s  Team Building course (one – two days) will provide practical strategies to develop participants’ capacity to:

Build effective teams

  • Use psychological and team instruments to conduct team assessments
  • Respect differences in the team and harness its diversity
  • Conduct effective meetings that use the best process design to ensure buy-in and results
  • Engage effectively in partnerships with clients

Understand your own habits and patterns

  • Identify personality patterns when communicating, acting, reacting and thinking
  • What am I like?  What are the consequences?

Influence others

  • Speak assertively and listen actively
  • Develop honest and direct communication skills
  • Engage in adult to adult conversation

Communicate effectively in difficult conversations

  • Resolve conflict
  • Work for win/win outcomes

“When we were surveyed two years after The Change Agency had worked with us – we were not only a far better culture as a team we had retained much of the change over time. We were more collaborative, responsible and accountable and much of the old passivity had gone.”
– Corporate Services Director, QLD Department of Health

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