The whole purpose behind a team building program is to create real synergy – synchronized energy – where the overall achievement of the team is greater than the sum of the parts.

Team building days should incorporate fun, but also need to address the serious business of changing a group of individuals into something much more…  A real team that is able to better engage in planning, decision making, problem solving, consulting, and resolving conflict. Find out more…


At The Change Agency we emphasise the true signature of leadership is the ability to engage with people, problems and opportunities. In reality many leaders and managers survive rather than thrive in these engagement skills. Some of us are defensive and careful, while others are frustrated by the systems and structures we work within. We believe that recovery and renewal is critical for the individual as well as the organisation as a whole. Our signature leadership training course is titled ‘Beyond Surviving to Thriving as a Leader’. Contact us for details of this course. Find out more…


Leadership coaching gives time off the treadmill to lift the spirit, let the past be the past, and enable some new beginnings.

It is time away from the everyday habits and rituals – time to reflect, renew, replenish – as a person and as a leader.

Some of the most spectacular shifts in thinking and relating to others occur during individual coaching sessions. Find out more…


The development of effective communication skills is fundamental to working effectively as a member of a team and engaging successfully with clients.

Improved interpersonal and communication skills means that individuals are more likely to have win-win outcomes and are well placed to engage in adult to adult conversations – both in their work and personal life.

The programs offered by The Change Agency are based on the development of practical communication skills. We focus on individuals using these skills, not merely learning about them. Find out more…


Retreats give time off the treadmill, to lift the spirit, let the past be the past and enable some new beginnings.
They are time away from the everyday habits and rituals. They are time to reflect, renew, replenish – as an individual and as a team.

It is common for people on retreats to see possibilities where none were previously apparent – to happen upon new ways for themselves or positive changes for the team. Find out more…


We can develop short courses to suit your needs. You can commence with a 1-2 days intervention, and then later add modules as a Part B or C. Find out more…