Training Courses

Contact us to discuss your specific training needs. We can tailor a program to suit your needs

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills (1 or 2 days) – understanding current habits and patterns and learning to speak assertively and listen effectively
  • Communication Toolkit (2 days) – advanced interpersonal skills + team development processes
  • Team Building (2 days) – time off the treadmill of work to develop skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, projects, & interpersonal skills (use of team activities)
  • Team Assessment and Development (2 days) – individuals becoming aware of their own patterns in a team setting and developing working for the common good (2 days)
  • Self Awareness (2 days) – Personal Auditing. Developing self awareness through inventories and reflection on current patterns and habits of thinking, acting and communicating
  • Change Management Skills (1 or 2 days) – leading change and thriving during change
  • Becoming Change-Capable (1 or 2 days) – development of personal resilience and skill for ongoing change
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills (1or 2 days) – learning to engage in difficult conversations
  • Mind/Body Health (1 day) – taking care of one’s own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health
  • Leadership Style Effectiveness (1 day) – choosing the right style of leadership for the competency of the team member or client
  • Culture Building (1 or 2 days) – What is culture, Measuring it and Existing versus preferred, How to change culture
  • Strategic Leadership Skills (2 days) – beyond managing to leading
    Coaching Skills (2 days) – counselling and coaching skills for developing individuals

Please email to discuss your professional development and training needs.