Leadership Training

Beyond Surviving to Thriving as a Leader

At The Change Agency we emphasise the true signature of leadership is the ability to engage with people, problems and opportunities.  In reality many leaders and managers survive rather than thrive in these engagement skills.  Some of us are defensive and careful, while others are frustrated by the systems and structures we work within.  We believe that recovery and renewal is critical for the individual as well as the organisation as a whole.  Our signature leadership training course is titled ‘Beyond Surviving to Thriving as a Leader’.   Contact us for details of this course.

There are time honoured traditions which have enabled this move away from merely surviving one’s home and work life to truly thriving.  These include:

  • Witnessing and observing one’s own patterns of defense, control and fear
  • Gaining mastery over one’s own unconscious ego patterns
  • Getting “real” what needs to die more … live more in me
  • Organisational and psychological assessments
  • Practitioner skills – real interpersonal skills in listening and speaking assertively
  • Managing conflict as the leader
  • Applied and strategic people skills for projects, consulting and partnering
  • Developing true teamwork in a group
  • Techniques for ensuring power sharing in adult to adult engagements
  • Developing leadership range and effectiveness of management style
  • The Taoist treasures of personal leadership – integrity, passion, tolerance and empathy
  • Mind body health – you are what you believe and attract
  • Qui Gong – exercises to balance energy and calm emotions
  • Changing patterns to enable optimum health (mentally, emotionally and physically)
  • Meditation – focusing and calming the mind and body. Becoming one’s potential
  • Actively embedding new mindsets through deliberate practice and reflection
  • Creating new life at home, at work
  • Creating change-capable individuals and teams
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