Organisational Development

We facilitate and enable change in all of the arenas in which a team operates

  • Values
  • Mission
  • Goals (what to do’s)
  • Objectives (how to’s of operations)
  • System structures and strategy
  • Culture of people (the way people think and behave with each other and clients)

The rate of change as well as the style for leading the improvement is ascertained. Some teams require only incremental changes lead by leaders in a participatory style. Some organisations need faster action with more direction by the leader to ensure turnaround and survival in relation to competitors or clients.

In order to improve a team or organisation’s functioning, people need to “unfreeze” by becoming aware of their current habits and patterns of operating, managing themselves and relating to others.

This self auditing requires time off the treadmill of home and work to honestly reflect on the gap between what is needed and possible as opposed to the current patterns within teams and individuals.

Recovery and renewal always requires some things to die more in order for other ways to be given more life.

We recommend a process of:

  • Unfreezing – analysing the gap between preferred versus existing culture, systems operations. Scope of change needs, interviews, observations and assessment instruments.
  • Transition  – a period of reflection on what needs to stay and what needs to change.
  • Refreezing – the beginnings of the new, beyond surviving to thriving, choice and covenant, planning and delivery.


Developing Individuals,

Teams and Organisations

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