Client List

Some of our clients and nature of work is detailed (in alphabetical order)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Commission (TSIC)
(Facilitated Planning programs in Interpersonal Effectiveness (all Regional Councils), and Supervisory Development courses)

A.T.S.I.C. Regional Councils
(Business Planning, Team Building, Project Management)

Agen Biomedical Limited
(Supervisory Effectiveness)

Australian Groundwater Consultants
(Senior Management Development)

Australian Institute of Scientists
(Managerial Competency Workshops)

Australian Window Furnishings
(Manager Development, People Skills for Staff)

Beginning & Establishing Teachers Association
(Self Management & Interpersonal Skills) 

Bentleys Chartered Accountants
(Team Building/Management Development)

(Developing Culture Survey, Performance Management, Planning, Team Building)

Birch, Carroll & Coyle
(Interpersonal Skills & Managerial Development)

Blood Transfusion Service
(Leadership Development, Team Building, Facilitation Skills for Project Leaders)

Body Corporate Services Pty Limited
(Team Building, Trainer Development, Interpersonal Effectiveness)

Bornhorst and Ward Engineers Pty Ltd
(Managerial Development, Consulting Skills)

Brisbane North Regional Health Sector
(Team Building for CEOs of Hospitals, executive coaching)

Butler Wright and Partners (Quality Surveyors)
(Team Building)

Bynoe Housing Cooperative
(Directors Training, Team Building)

Castlemaine Perkins
(Team Building)

Catholic Education Commission
(Programs in Team Development & Consulting Skills)

Catholic Archdiocesan Services
(Programs in Team Development & Consulting Skills) 

Centacare Disability Services
(Team Leaders & Managers programs in self-management & consulting skills) 

Clayton Utz Lawyers
(Partners Planning, Leadership Skills for all levels, interpersonal skills for all staff)

Comalco Mineral Products
(Interpersonal Effectiveness/Team Building)

Console – Software Solutions
(Team Assessment & Consulting Skills)

Cushway Blackford and Associates Engineers
(Managerial Effectiveness)

Department of Auditor General
(Courses in “people skills” for entire department, Managerial Effectiveness, and Team Development) 

Department of Counter Disaster & Rescue
(Leadership Excellence & Team Development) 

Department of Emergency Services
(Leadership skills for senior and middle managers in Fire & Rescue, Ambulance
and Counter Disaster, executive coaching)

Department of Employment Education & Training
(Business Planning)

Department of Family Services & Aboriginal & Islander Affairs
(Supervisory Effectiveness programs, Strategic Planning, Team Building)

Department of Forestry – (Gympie Region)
(Courses in Leadership Effectiveness) 

Department of Health
(Research & Planning, culture change in corporate service units)

Department of Health, Housing, Local Government & Community Services
(Advanced negotiation skills, leadership effectiveness, team development)

Department of Justice and Attorney General
(Leadership effectiveness programs, facilitation and negotiation skills courses, executive coaching)

Education Department (Open Access Support Centre)
(Strategic planning, team building)

Education Queensland – Principals and Deputy Principals
(Courses in Leadership development, executive coaching)

ESANDA Finance
(Supervisor effectiveness and people skills)

(Team Assessment & Development) 

Furnir Manufacturing
(Team building)

Gold Coast Hospital
(Management Training – all directors of medicine, nursing and administration)

Government Superannuation Office
(Leadership effectiveness and business planning)

Hans Smallgoods
(Team building, continuous improvement)

Henrob – Manufacturing Engineers
(Team Development & Consulting Skills) 

Hervey Bay City Council
(Strategic planning, directors training, supervisory development, leadership training,
Interpersonal skills)

Inspector General Emergency Management
(Leadership excellence and cultural renewal)

Ipswich City Council
(negotiation skills courses)

Innova – Furniture Manufacturing
(Supervisory Development)

(Business planning, interpersonal skills, managerial effectiveness, performance
Management, partners coaching)

MacLean, Wargon and Chapman Engineers
(Consultancy skills, team building)

McCullough Robertson Solicitors
(People skills)

Maroochy Shire Library
(Strategic planning)

Mater Hospitals – Adult Hospital
(Operational planning, culture change, leadership effectiveness, team building,
executive coaching)

Mater Hospitals – Children’s Hospital
(Operational planning, culture change, leadership effectiveness, team building)

Mater Hospitals – Mothers Hospital
(Operational planning, culture change, leadership effectiveness, team building,
executive coaching)

Mater Hospitals – Private Hospital
(Operational planning, culture change, leadership effectiveness, team building)

Medical Benefits Fund of Australia
(Management development, trainer development, interpersonal skills, executive coaching)

Meinhardt Axon Engineers
(Team building, management development)

Metway Bank
(People skills, team development, middle managers effectiveness, executive coaching)

Mineral Technologies
(Trainer development, management development)

Montrose Disability Care
(Executive Team Development) 

Mornington Island Outstations
(Strategic and community planning)

Multitech Solutions
(Team assessment, team development, cultural renewal, & project management skills)

Nambour Selangor Private Hospital
(Team and leadership excellence) 

National Australia Bank
(Leadership effectiveness, interpersonal skills, lateral thinking, performance management)

National Mutual
(Trainer development)

Neumann Contractors
(Manager & Team Leader Development) 

New Zealand Insurance
(Negotiation skills, people skills)

Newstead House Trustees
(Team building)

N.H.P. Engineering
(Team building)

N.I.B. Health Insurance
(Team Building)

Noel Robinson Architects
(Team building)

Noonan’s Garage (BP)
(Team building, strategic direction)

Norman, Disney & Young Consulting Engineers
(Leadership effectiveness, team building)

North West Private Hospital
(Team and leadership excellence) 

Office of Cabinet
(People skills programmes)

Pine Rivers Shire Council
(Team building and business planning for all departments)

Private Hospitals Association
(Culture change workshops)

Premier’s Department
(People skills courses, management development programmes)

Prince Charles Hospital
(Leadership effectiveness – all directors and managers – from medicine, nursing
and administration)

Public Safety Business Agency – Ministerial and Executive Services
(Leadership excellence and cultural renewal)

Public Safety Business Agency – Finance and Business Services Division
(Program in cultural renewal and leadership excellence)

Public Safety Business Agency – Information Technology
(Leadership excellence and cultural renewal)

(Qld Management Development Program, Change Management, Time Management,
Interpersonal Effectiveness, Facilitated Planning – preferred facilitator and teachers
for all Federal Government Departments for over 10 years)

Q.E.S. (Queensland Emergency Services)
(Change management, leadership effectiveness)

Q.E.S. (Queensland Emergency Services) HR Consultancy Services

Q.I.D.C.  (Queensland Industry Development Corporation)
(Managerial effectiveness)

Q.P.S. Credit Union
(People skills, leadership development, strategic planning)

Queensland Audit Office
(Strategic planning, leadership development, people skills)

Queensland Catholic Education Commission
(Leadership effectiveness and cultural change for senior teams)

Queensland College of Teachers
(Executive Team Development) 

Qld Fire & Rescue Service
(Leadership skills for all station officers, area managers and commissioners in Queensland)

Queensland Health – Purchasing & Logistics and Finance Divisions
(Cultural Renewal & Team Excellence) 

Queensland Rail
(High performance team building – senior team coaching)

Queensland Rail Property Division
(Team building)

Queensland Spastic Welfare League
(Team building, strategic planning)

Queensland Transport
(Change management programmes)

Queensland Treasury
(Leadership effectiveness, supervisory effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness, culture change)

Residential Tenancies Authority
(Supervisory effectiveness and Team Building)

Royal Children’s Hospital
(Management effectiveness, executive coaching)

Royal Women’s Hospital
(Leadership development)

RSL Care
(Consulting Skills and Cultural Renewal for ICT Team) 

Rural Fire Services – State & Rural Teams
(Cultural Renewal & Team Excellence)

Sly & Weigall, Cannan & Peterson Solicitors
(People skills)

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital
(Leadership effectiveness, executive coaching)

St Vincent’s Hospital, Toowoomba
(Management development)

State Library of Queensland
(Strategic planning)

Sullivan Nicolaides and Partners (Pathologists)
(Management development, interpersonal effectiveness)

(People skills, strategic planning, leadership effectiveness)

(Team building, interpersonal effectiveness, supervisory development)

Toowong Private Hospital
(Executive Team Building) 

Virgin Australia Airlines – Internal Audit Team
(Team assessment and development, cultural excellence) 

Warman International
Team building)

Wide Bay Regional Health
(Strategic planning, managing change, leadership effectiveness)

Wormald Security
(Culture change)

Wesley Hospital
(Supervisory effectiveness)

Zupp’s Motors

(Leadership effectiveness, effective selling)