Share Market Advice

Expert advice on Australian and International share purchases as part of a financial planning or wealth creation strategy. We take a long term approach on these markets and can show you how to create wealth through share market investing.

Property Purchases

CMW can help with advice on first home or investment property purchases. We can help you with the financial side of buying a property or help you find the right property for you. You may even want to start a portfolio by purchasing a property under your superannuation fund.

Margin Loans

Establishment of margin lending facilities for private clients. Complete analysis of the appropriateness of margin lending within your portfolio.

Tax Effective Investments

Structured products providing tax benefits for the investor, and their use within your portfolio.

Portfolio Recommendations

CMW Financial Services will build a comprehensive portfolio encompassing all of the above. We will conduct a complete analysis of your current financial situation to ensure that all facets of investment and tax planning are explored. We will then offer a complete service based on recommendations, implementation, and ongoing management of your portfolio which is designed to achieve your financial goals.