Matthew & Kate

Age Group 18 – 30 years old

Financial Goals:

  • Recently purchased their first home and need insurance if either died, or were unable to work
  • Kate to consolidate her multiple super funds
  • Want to save for an investment property

Matt and Kate have just purchased their first home after being together for 3 years.

Matt is a bookkeeper earning an income of $55,000. Kate works as a personal trainer at a Gym and earns $50,000. Both are based in Melbourne.

Matt and Kate were referred to CMW Financial Services by friends who were already clients of CMW. They were concerned that they did not have any insurance to cover the mortgage payments in the event one of them was unable to work. They were also concerned that if one of them was to suddenly pass away then the surviving partner would not be able to service the mortgage by themselves.

Kate also had three superannuation funds and wanted to roll them all into one which was the best option for her at this stage of life.

Having recently just purchased their first house they were very budget conscious and were also determined to continue to save for an investment property. They knew the insurance was important but did not know how much they needed, and didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the cover.

What CMW Financial Services did to help them achieve their goals:

  • A Financial Adviser at CMW was able to firstly consolidate all of Kate’s Super funds (she had 3) by rolling them into the one saving her 50% in fees.
  • The Financial Planner was also able to recommend an insurance portfolio for each of them. They were advised on the correct amount of cover that they needed and the best products available for their particular circumstances.
  • Knowing that his clients were quite budget conscious given their mortgage payments, the Adviser was able to put the insurances inside the clients super funds. This allowed them to have the full level of insurance cover, while paying their premiums using their Superannuation balance. The clients could then save for an investment property purchase in the near future.
  • The financial adviser also constructed a plan which included buying an investment property and also paying down their current home loan as quickly as possible. This will add thousands of $$$ in value over the next 10 years!
  • The clients have regular meetings with their financial adviser to make sure they are on track to achieve their investment goals.


What we can help you achieve

  • Tax optimisation – reduce your tax bills!
  • Mortgage and debt elimination – pay your mortgage off faster!
  • Performance review of your current superannuation
  • Finding the best insurance cover & protection at the lowest price to suit you
  • Your risk profile – We find the best investment solutions to suit you
  • Helping you achieve your current life style & retirement objectives, in a comfortable manner