Communication Skills

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Through participation in our programs, individuals will learn to:

  • influence others through learning to speak assertively and listen actively
  • develop honest and direct communication skills
  • engage in adult-adult conversation
  • communicate effectively in difficult conversations
  • resolve conflict
  • understand your own habits and patterns
  • build effective teams
  • conduct effective meetings

The development of effective communication skills is fundamental to working effectively as a member of a team and engaging successfully with clients.

Improved interpersonal and communication skills means that individuals are more likely to have win-win outcomes and are well placed to engage in adult to adult conversations – both in their work and personal life.

The Change Agency offers a range of programs that support the ongoing development and refinement of effective communication skills.

The programs offered by The Change Agency are based on the development of practical communication skills.

We focus on individuals using these skills, not merely learning about them.

People using effective communication skillsOur communications skills programs can become part of an overall program of organisational development or change management approach. This has proven to be an excellent culture change strategy for many of The Change Agency’s clients – please see our testimonials for details.

Our Training Courses page contains a sample of our training options. Programs will be tailored to suit the needs of your business.

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