Can People Really Change?

It’s pointless and futile to try to make someone be what you want.

Change is only possible in adults if they choose it.  However… If people either need to or want to, they do change.  Most people feel varying degrees of frustration in their interactions with either a family member, staff or their bosses. It is common and normal for individuals to wish to improve their ability to get heard and succeed in influencing people to see more of their point of view.

A good teacher/change agent offers the individual some new and more satisfying ways of relating to themselves and other people. A skilled change agent then applies the stages of change creation to ensure that people do actually achieve the skills to be confident and competent to apply the changes in real life.

It is not just a hopeful assumption that people can change their ways. It is substantiated by research. However if course participants are using PowerPoint presentations and/or small group discussions, the results are limited. Training has taken place but learning has not.

There are certain seasons or cycles in life when change is sought and best achieved. There is a realisation that some things must be ended to allow new beginnings.

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